The difference between diesel filter and gasoline filter

The difference between diesel filter and gasoline filter:

The structure of the diesel filter is roughly the same as that of the oil filter, and there are two types: replaceable and spin-on. However, its working pressure and oil temperature resistance requirements are much lower than those of oil filters, and the filtration efficiency requirements are much higher than those of oil filters. Diesel filters are mostly made of filter paper, and some are made of felt or polymer materials.

Diesel filters can be divided into diesel water separators and diesel fine filters. The important function of the oil-water separator is to separate the water from the diesel oil. The existence of water is extremely harmful to the fuel supply system of the diesel engine. Corrosion, wear, and sticking will even worsen the combustion process of the diesel engine. Due to the high sulfur content of Chinese diesel, it will even react with water to form sulfuric acid during combustion to corrode engine parts. The traditional method of water removal is mainly sedimentation, through a funnel structure. Engines with more than 3% emissions put forward higher requirements for water separation, and high requirements require the use of high-performance filter media. Diesel fine filter is used to filter fine particles in diesel oil. Diesel engines with emissions above level 3 in my country are mainly aimed at the filtration efficiency of 3-5 micron particles.

There are carburetor type and EFI type of gasoline filter. Carburettor gasoline engine, the gasoline filter is located on the inlet side of the oil pump, and the working pressure is low. Generally use nylon shell. The gasoline filter of the EFI engine is located on the outlet side of the oil pump, and the working pressure is high. Usually a metal casing is used. Filter paper is mostly used for gasoline filter elements, nylon cloth and polymer materials are also used. Because gasoline engines and diesel engines have different combustion methods, the overall requirements are not as harsh as diesel filters, so the price is cheap.

Post time: Oct-19-2022
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