Improving oil filtration efficiency: The filter element’s design and positioning inside the oil filter ensure that the majority of the engine oil flows through it, increasing the efficiency of the oil filtration process and extending the lifespan of the engine oil.


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Diesel is better or petrol is better

The service life of diesel engine is much longer than that of gasoline car, and the distance of a coach in a year is equivalent to the mileage of a lifetime of private car. The engine of a coach generally needs to run one million kilometers before it is overhauled. Some better diesel cars do not overhaul their engines until they are scrapped. Especially with air conditioning. But the shortcomings of diesel engine is also very obvious, noise than gasoline car, slow speed, winter preheating time is long, vibration is also large. What kind of car uses what kind of oil!

If you are often in the city, gasoline is more convenient. If it is often run long distance strongly recommend diesel cars, whether it is high speed or mountainous areas, the advantages of diesel cars are gasoline cars can not be compared. Of course, if you are more rice, don’t care about oil, that is a different story.

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