Quality Control

Ruian Baofang Auto Parts Co., Ltd.

Baofang Company adopts national and industry standards to the maximum extent and strictly controls each process to ensure the quality of each product. We also have obtained a number of R&D patent certificates. We are the domestic largest scale, processing one of the companies with the most complete craftsmanship.

The company has a number of interconnected and independent functional departments such as the Production Technology Development Department, Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Department, Sales and Service Department, and Comprehensive Management Department, which constitutes an enterprise pattern integrating development, production, sales, and service with technology as the leader, quality as the root, production as the backing and quality service as the purpose. We firmly believe that we have the best competitiveness, and we will be your best choice and your absolutely reliable business partner.

Quality goals:

√ Product quality inspection rate 100%
√ Customer Satisfaction 100%
√ Timely delivery rate 100%
√ Opinion handling rate 100%

6 major quality inspection processes

1. High filterability inspection

2. Tightness inspection

3. Strong compression test

4. High and low-temperature inspection

5. Air tightness inspection

6. Precision check

4 major service guarantees

1. Implement 1 to 1 technical customer service, and provide 100% closed-loop service for all technical problems and related complaints;

2. 100% quality inspection is carried out on the ex-factory products to ensure that the company's products have no defects caused by hard materials or production under the premise of standardized operation and correct use;

3. Strictly abide by relevant laws, from the date of supply, the product warranty period is 365 days;

4. According to product liability regulations and relevant laws, if the product is identified and the loss is caused by the quality of our products, our company will take full responsibility and bear the subsequent loss costs;

3 major control systems

Quality system

A strict product labeling scheme and perfect quality system documents have been formulated to ensure that batches can be checked and responsibility is assigned to people.

Quality inspection system

The company stipulates inspection and testing requirements, clear quality inspection standards, and 100% random inspection to ensure that products meet relevant national standards and customer needs.

Transportation System

In order to ensure the quality of procurement and finished products, the company has formulated strict 、system processing、storage、packaging、protection and delivery documents and strictly controlled them.

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