Lubricate the oil filter element

Another benefit of using an environmentally friendly oil filter element is that it helps to protect the environment from harmful pollutants. These filters are designed to trap impurities such as dust, dirt, and metal shavings, preventing them from entering the engine and releasing harmful emissions into the air.


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A wheel-type loader, also known as a front-end loader or bucket loader, is a heavy equipment machine that is widely used in construction, mining, agriculture, and other industries. It has a large bucket or scoop mounted at the front of the machine and is designed to move loose materials such as soil, gravel, sand, or debris.

The structure of a wheel-type loader generally includes the following components:

  • Cab: A protected operator station for the driver
  • Chassis: A frame that supports the engine, transmission, and other components
  • Engine: A powerful diesel engine that powers the machine
  • Transmission: A system of gears that transfers power from the engine to the wheels
  • Hydraulic system: An essential system that powers the movement of the bucket and other hydraulic functions.
  • Wheels and Tires: Large wheels and tires that provide traction and stability during operation.
  • Bucket: A large, tapered scoop or shovel that is mounted on the front of the machine and used to load and carry materials.

The working principle of a wheel-type loader is as follows:

  1. The operator sits inside the cab and starts the engine, which powers the machine.
  2. The operator drives the vehicle to the location where materials need to be loaded.
  3. The front bucket is lowered to ground level, and the operator uses the hydraulic control levers or foot pedals to raise or lower the bucket, tilt it forward or backward, or dump the contents.
  4. The operator steers the vehicle and positions the bucket to pick up material and then raises the bucket to transport the material to the desired location.
  5. The operator uses the bucket to carefully pile or spread the material where it is needed, and can repeat this process until the job is complete.

Overall, the wheel-type loader is a versatile and powerful machine that can perform many functions and play an integral role in the construction or industrial project. The operator’s skill, experience, and judgment are essential to the safe and efficient operation of the machine.

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