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The 1R-0728 Crawler Dozer Hydraulic Oil Filter Element is made from premium quality materials to ensure that it performs optimally under the most challenging conditions. Its advanced design features a pleated filter media that provides accurate filtration, superior dirt holding capacity, and long filter life. With a micron rating of 10, the filter element effectively filters out particles, debris, and contaminants that can harm your hydraulic system.


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Introducing the 1R-0728 Crawler Dozer Hydraulic Oil Filter Element designed to provide exceptional filtration performance and superior protection for your hydraulic system. This filter element is specially designed for use with the 1R-0728 Crawler Dozer, providing optimal filtration performance to maintain the efficiency and longevity of your equipment.

With excellent dirt-holding capacity, the 1R-0728 crawler dozer hydraulic oil filter element can effectively prevent particle accumulation, reduce system wear, and extend the life of your hydraulic components. By installing this quality filter element, you can significantly reduce maintenance costs, downtime, and keep your equipment operating at peak performance.

This filter element is also built for high-performance with its exceptional capacity to withstand high pressure to maintain consistent oil flow, ensuring the hydraulic system remains working smoothly. The filter element is easy to replace and empowers you to undertake your scheduled maintenance properly. Ensuring your system functions at the highest levels of efficiency.

Another essential feature of the 1R-0728 Crawler Dozer Hydraulic Oil Filter Element is that it can operate in extreme temperature conditions. This feature makes it ideal for use in harsh and demanding environments, including construction sites and heavy-duty industrial applications.

In conclusion, the 1R-0728 Crawler Dozer Hydraulic Oil Filter Element is a game-changer for your hydraulic system. Its enhanced design and premium quality materials ensure superior filtration, long lifespan, and top-quality protection for your dozer hydraulic system. Invest in this filter element today and enjoy consistent performance and enhanced service life of your equipment. Choose confidence with the 1R-0728 Crawler Dozer Hydraulic Oil Filter Element.

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