Lubricate the oil filter element

Using an oil filter wrench, loosen the oil filter by turning it counterclockwise. Once it is loose, remove it.Before installing the new oil filter, check to make sure the gasket on the old filter is removed from the engine mounting surface.


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An earthwork compactor is a type of heavy equipment used in the construction industry to compact soil, gravel, or other types of materials. The main purpose of an earthwork compactor is to increase the density and stability of the earthwork to prevent settling, shifting or undermining of the foundation or structure. There are several types of compactors available in the market including plate compactors, jumping jack compactors, and vibratory rollers. The selection of the appropriate compactor depends on the nature of the earthwork, soil type, and the size and scope of the project. The typical features of an earthwork compactor include a hydraulic system, vibration energy, and impact force. These machines are operated by a trained operator and require proper maintenance and safety precautions.

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