How to clean the filter of the car crane

According to the cleanliness of the diesel oil, the oil-water separator generally needs to be maintained once every 5-10 days. Just unscrew the screw plug to drain the water or remove the water cup of the pre-filter, drain the impurities and water, clean it and then install it. A bleed screw plug is installed on the diesel filter base to discharge the air in the diesel low-pressure pipeline and the diesel filter, and a check valve is also installed to ensure that there is a certain pressure in the oil circuit and excess diesel oil passes through The oil return pipe flows back to the mailbox. After the maintenance and cleaning of the diesel tank and the diesel pre-filter, it is usually necessary to use the manual pump of the fuel injection pump to deliver fuel and exhaust in the low-pressure fuel pipe. When exhausting, loosen the air bleed screw plug of the filter, Use the manual oil pump to continuously pump the oil, so that the diesel oil containing bubbles is discharged from the screw plug of the oil outlet end of the filter until the bubbles disappear. and then tighten the screw immediately. Then continue to pump oil until the bubbles in the diesel oil discharged from the screw plug of the oil inlet end of the filter completely disappear and the diesel oil continues to flow out. The filter element needs to be replaced every six months or so. When reassembling, pay attention to the correct and reliable installation of the sealing ring on it, and replace it with a new one when damaged.

Post time: Nov-10-2022
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