What is a fuel filter

There are three types of fuel filters: diesel filters, gasoline filters and natural gas filters. The role of the fuel filter is to protect against particles, water and impurities in the fuel and to protect the delicate parts of the fuel system from wear and other damage.

The working principle of the fuel filter is that the fuel filter is connected in series on the pipeline between the fuel pump and the fuel inlet of the throttle body. The function of the fuel filter is to remove solid impurities such as iron oxide and dust contained in the fuel and prevent the fuel system from being blocked (especially the fuel nozzle). Reduce mechanical wear, ensure stable engine operation and improve reliability. The structure of the fuel burner consists of an aluminum casing and a bracket with stainless steel inside. A high-efficiency filter paper is installed on the bracket, and the filter paper is in the shape of a chrysanthemum to increase the flow area. The EFI filter cannot be shared with the carburetor filter. Because the EFI filter often has to withstand the fuel pressure of 200-300 kPa, the compressive strength of the filter is generally required to reach more than 500KPA, and the carburetor filter does not have to reach such a high pressure.

How often should the fuel filter be changed?
The recommended replacement cycle of the fuel filter varies according to its structure, performance and use, and cannot be generalized. The recommended replacement cycle for routine maintenance of external filters by most car manufacturers is 48,000 kilometers; the recommended replacement cycle for conservative maintenance is 19,200 ~ 24,000km. If unsure, refer to the owner’s manual to find the correct recommended replacement cycle.

In addition, when the filter hose is aged or cracked due to dirt, oil and other dirt, the hose should be replaced in time.

Post time: Oct-19-2022
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